Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dog toys

Having a puppy is a hard job. Here is one tip I have to save you time and money. Dog toys from big name pet stores are cheap. I shop at petco for many things, toys however not on the list. The quality of the toys are normally poor.  The girl and I bought a Zanies Doughnut toy for our pup Opal when we first got her. This toy has stood the test of time. Where did we get it? The local animal shelter. They know there stuff, buying higher quality toys.

I have to admit that the other day I bought a few toys from petco. You can find things at chain stores that are of some quality. I bought a Kong brand tennis ball, Chilly bone, and a petco brand mushroom toy.

The Chilly Bone is a cloth chew toy that you dampen and then freeze it. When the toy is Icy, you give it to your pet. It is supposed to be great for teething and gum stimulation. The toy is durable and well stitched.

The Petco mushroom was just cute, nothing extravagant, just cut. Opal like the wink face.

When looking for a toy for your pet at a big name store look for something that will last. Pay attention to stitching, material, and just like children toy you want to avoid things with buttons i.e. any choking hazards, anything that could cause bowel obstructions.


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