Saturday, January 28, 2012

Things I adore

I’m taking a break from studying International relations to blog. The first time posting in a long while I might add. Today I want to focus on some of my favorite things. I am starting to develop a little collection of cameras.

 As you can see in the first photo my cat wants nothing to do with posing for my pictures. This is a portion of my camera collection. 

On the right is my lot of Polaroid cameras. I have many 600 series cameras. 

To the left is a photograph of my Polaroid Land Camera j66. It no longer has and film that is compatible with this camera. Polaroid no longer sells instant film. The j66 can however be modified from a roll film format to a pack fill (type 600). I will not do so because the process leaves the camera in a less attractive state. 

My four Polaroid 600 series cameras are all in good condition. A new development in the instant film community has been the new company called the Impossible Project. On my wish list is the px 600 silver shade. Rad shit! 

On another note I would love a sx-70 or land camera 100 type. If you have an extra I would gladly take it off your hands. 

A gift from my girl
Known as the brick, the Argus C3 is arguably one of the most used cameras of all time. 35mm film is loaded in a back panel. The camera received its  nicknamed the "brick" due to it's shape, size, and weight. It has a simple diagrammed shuter and uses a built in range finder that doesn't focus the lens. The body is made og Bakelite and metal. Considered an slr, this camera can easily switch lenses. Tony Vaccaro is arguably one of the most famous C3 photographers. He used the medium to show life during war as a G.I. who landed on the beaches of Normandy and a G.I. stationed in Germany after WWII.

Tony Vaccaro shows the pain a solider faces after returning home from war. Not only has his country seen defeat, but his home has been destroyed by battle. 

The Fotron (left) was manufactured by the Traid company. The camera was sold door to door and marketed toward homemakers. Price range: $150-$500. The camera featured a rechargeable and used 828  film that had to be sent back processing. 

Here is a fun camera. The IQzoom by pentax(right) has an auto flash, uses 35mm film, has macro shot capability, and zoom. This camera has been dropped at some point so focusing while zooming is hard to do to say the least. 

The Girl's dad recently sent me a Bell&Howell camcorder.While its a motion camera it still looks cool on my camera shelves. It uses the still available super 8 film. It features no sound. Made in japan. That's all i know about it. I have not had the chance to use it. even if i did, I don't have a projector and it has no playback capability. I am thinking that i might be able to convert it into a cool point and shoot 35mm camera. 

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you come back soon!,

P.s. as much as I love my cameras I simply cannot compete with the collection shown on ClasiCameras. I enjoy reading this blog a lot and I am sure you will too if you like reading about cameras of many types. 

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