Saturday, May 21, 2011


88.7 KBVR Corvallis is a wonderful station run by the students of OSU. The Girl has a show every Friday at midnight. She plays hardcore, punk, and other random goodies. The shows she is sandwiched between are a smashup show and some old chicks classic rock show. The best and worst thing about KBVR is its diversity. Starting with the cons... Some days its nice to hear variety in the music you listen to where other days you just want to stick with what you know. That being said some pros...the the diversity is amazing. There are not only music shows but talk. There are sports shows and even shows about healthy eating. Perhaps one of the best qualities of the station is the opportunity to do a show of any genre or interest. Well I hope you give the station a listen. You can stream live on  

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  1. I agree with the diversity thing. Good and sometimes bad.