Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have taken a 1973 road bike to bits. The once yellow Peugeot is now black and purple. My budget is keeping me from completing the wheeled wounder that I think i'm going to name "Psycho Killer'. The headset I bought will not fit and will take some modification to fit in the frame. All I need is a bottom bracket, brake cable, and handle bar tape. The girl received a new wheel set today. Purple and black. I am so jealous of her find. Her bike is still in the process of being sanded and painted. After this project is finished we will have the most boss bikes in Corvallis. so now that I am very close to finishing the bike I have been thinking of starting a Steampunk project. More about that later.

well that was fun. Thanks for reading my first blog...

Take care and stay classy interweb,

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